Advocating for human rights, lifesaving assistance and protection for displaced persons

Political turbulence, natural disasters, and conflicts worldwide have led to an increase in the number of displaced persons fleeing disasters and sophisticated emergency situations

Displaced persons usually end up in large camps with inadequate environmental health measures.

Displaced persons can be internal or refugees. Whereas internally displaced persons remain in their countries, refugees cross international borders. Refugees and internally displaced persons usually deal with poor sanitation, unsafe water, poor waste disposal, and health issues, among other problems.

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We fight for the rights of displaced persons living in internal and refugee camps. We ensure that every displaced person has access to their various freedoms and rights to essential things such as food, shelter, and clean water.

PC Migrants offers a range of services for the benefit of people who’ve been displaced worldwide for different reasons

We also ensure that displaced persons have access to important lifesaving resources such as food, water, and shelter. We collaborate with international non-profits such as UNCHR and WHO that offer various services to refugees.

We publish authoritative information on topics related to the displacement of people, including everything that affects the lives of migrants, refugees, or internally displaced persons. Our focus is on evidence-based information.

We also do the necessary to ensure that displaced persons have access to security and protection in their various camps.

Our team of intellectuals and innovators work hard to come up with innovative solutions that can help solve the problem of people displacement. We partner with various organizations to make this possible.

PC Migrants is a not-for-profit organization with a focus on supporting displaced persons.

We understand that different factors, ranging from natural disasters to conflicts, can displace people from their homes.

Founded a decade ago, we’ve helped many displaced persons to enjoy better living standards. We advocate for human rights, lifesaving assistance, and protection for displaced persons. At PC Migrants, we also promote solutions that help prevent displacement or reverse its effects on a people.