About Us

PC Migrants is a not-for-profit organization with a focus on supporting displaced persons. We understand that different factors, ranging from natural disasters to conflicts, can displace people from their homes.

Founded a decade ago, we’ve helped many displaced persons to enjoy better living standards. We advocate for human rights, lifesaving assistance, and protection for displaced persons. At PC Migrants, we also promote solutions that help prevent displacement or reverse its effects on a people.

Our online platform is an essential resource for the migration data community with the need to share their opinions on new development with regards to displacement of people. We also feature existing and new policies on protection of migrants and refugees in foreign countries.

Whether you need new data or methods for handling the displacement of persons and preventing it from occurring, we’re your go-to platform. We use evidence-based information to make important decisions about displaced persons or populations across the globe.

We keep our resources up-to-date with the most recent information on everything that has to do with displacement persons such as migrants and refugees. We publish authoritative and reliable information to inform your decisions on handling displaced persons.

PC Migrants has a team of researchers and individuals who’re passionate about helping displaced persons. They’re highly skilled and well-trained on related matters to ensure that we come up with viable solutions to the range of problems that displaced person face.

We’re your go-to online platform for information and other resources on displacements of people worldwide.