A Guide to Making Money From Woodworking as a Migrant

Often, migrants emigrate just in search of greener pastures. However, no matter where you are or migrate to, you must work to support and feed yourself. Indeed, some environments are more favorable than others when it comes to earning a livelihood. Nonetheless, a viable way of making a living as a migrant is by working as a woodworker.

Thus, this is a guide to making money from woodworking. This skill involves creating items from wood. The activity includes cabinet making (cabinetry and furniture), wood carving, joinery, carpentry, and woodturning. It’s a learnable and very suitable craft for migrants.

Woodworkers who want to produce even more sophisticated craft use a wood lathe, a piece of equipment that helps with making complex items from a variety of woods. Also, it helps with creating wood designs of your choice.

Choosing a suitable wood lathe might be tasking for a newbie. However, besides a mini lathe, a midi model such as the Delta Industrial 46-460 Wood Lathe is ideal for a beginner looking to craft wood in larger quantities. The device is straightforward and helps with achieving smooth, beautiful masterpieces. Moreover, its patented belt tensioning system allows easy adjustment of turning speeds.

With a report from the U.S Bureau of Labor and Statistics, that the median pay of a woodworker is $31,550 per year and $15.17 per hour, woodworking is a lucrative venture to dive into.

What are the Things You Need to Get Started on Woodworking?

1. Mechanical or Technical Skills: Woodworking involves wood and tools handling. As a result, you need mechanical or technical skills to be an expert in this field.

2. Attention to Details: Since you’re dealing with wood, it’s necessary to manage resources to avoid wastage. Your knowledge of mathematics is also very crucial in the craft as it involves lots of measurement in fitting a particular shape into the hole you’ve made on another wood.

3. Strength: This craft requires physical strength. You might need to work all day. Although, knowing what to work on will save you from unnecessary stress. So, develop some muscles and stamina.

Essential tools and materials setup for any beginning woodworker looking to sell projects should include the following:

  • Circular Saw

This tool is for making straight cuts on lumber and plywood.

  • Jig Saw

This tool helps with making curved cuts or cutting out interior shapes.

  • Power Drill

This instrument is for drilling holes and driving screws.

  • Orbital Sander

You can sand the final work using this tool. Also, don’t forget your sandpaper, drill bits, cheap miter saw, circular saw, and paints. If you’re just getting started with woodworking, you’d want to look for a wood that’s ready to be finished.

Means to Selling Your Woodworks

Commercializing your woodworks is as essential as making them. Below are ways you can sell your products;

  • Locally

Display your products at a strategic location and sell to people around your vicinity.

  • Online

This route is a step-up from the above point. You can display your products to a broader audience through online advertisements, and by creating your own website.

Here are Some Easy Woodwork Projects You Can Sell

Tealight Holder: This super simple project requires nothing more than cutting wood to length, drilling holes using a Forstner bit, and adding some stain or finish to the wood.

Blanket Ladder: Blanket ladders are a perfect introduction to furniture style work. They look great, and best of all, they require very little material and only a few tools.

Picture frames: Picture frames are items that, when done well, can sell for a substantial markup.

Pallet Wood Coat Rack: The pallet wood coat rack utilizes free pallet wood and is easy to recondition or paint to make it modern and sleek or farmhouse rustic. As a migrant, consider venturing into woodworking, it’s a great way to make money that’ll be enough for feeding and paying bills. Go ahead and acquire the skill; you’ll be amazed at the results.

Types Of Smokers That Are Worth Investing On For Migrant Restaurant Owners

Starting a business in itself is a hassle, it is even harder when you are a migrant. You are trying to cope with the new lifestyle at the same time you have no idea of what the business world is in store for you. Despite all these, you have to stay focussed and be positive to succeed in the business. A migrant must take the challenge and deal with it one day at a time. Apart from the practical process of opening the business, the paperwork involved to get the licenses can be taxing and costly. The vetting and verification process may discourage you but as a migrant, you have all it takes to do it. All you need is just to be patient and persist in achieving the business goal.

The main tips for migrant restaurant owners include

  • Get a mentor who has been in the business to hold their hand
  • Start small and learn the tricks of the business
  • Listen to your customer to guide you on the road to business success
  • Be ready to change
  • Take failure positively

Smokers and other cooking equipment to invest in such a restaurant are the basic things you need to consider. Let us specifically look at smokers.  The type depends on many factors which include

  • The source of power/energy
  • Your budget for the smoker
  • Your location
  • Availability of labor

Here are some of the most recommended smokers for this business

Pellet smoker

This is a smoker that uses wood pellets that will emit heat and smoke to cook your meal. A migrant can opt for this since it is cheap and also its meals are in high demand. All he needs is to ensure that the pellets are available at any one time.


There are customers who just love smoked meals using a charcoal smoker. It has a unique taste, although it is a manual way of cooking and you have to personally be present to check the cooking process, the end product attracts customers.

Propane/Gas smoker

This is a gas-powered smoker, although not all functions use power there are areas where you have to use electricity. You have to make sure that you have a constant supply of energy to avoid disappointments.

Electric smoker

Just as the name suggests, this is a smoker that uses electricity as the main source of power. Its main advantage is the fact that most of its functions are automated. As long as you have set it and put the right temperature; you can run other errands as you wait to serve your meal. Smokers that are worth the dollars since you are able to have a variety of meals for your customers. Besides, it supports both grilling and smoking method of cooking which in itself is an attraction. This is a tricky business that you just have to get things done in the right way. A migrant must learn the culture and lifestyle in line with the eating habits to make sure he also controls a certain percentage of the market share for the success of his business.

Migrants As Baristas and Everything From Coffee Beans To Coffee Maker

Migrants move to foreign countries in search of greener pastures. In the process, the migrants expect to find any job in the foreign countries they migrate to There are possibilities of a lack of jobs in foreign countries. Since there are high numbers of migrants, there are possibilities of a lack of opportunity in the employment sector. As most of the migrants lack skills for specific jobs, there can be very minimal chances for migrants to secure jobs. Migrants can have the small skills to attend to simple tasks but if they migrate to countries that do not need the type of skills they got, they would land the chance of unemployment in the new country.

Since coffee is used in most countries, there are chances of migrants becoming coffee baristas. For the migrants to secure a job, they may learn what is necessary for them to be able to attend to customers. Many restaurants in foreign countries and around the world sell coffee. Since coffee is a drink that can be taken by people regardless of the time of the day, it needs to be made all times to make sure that it is always available to be served to customers on the time of demand. Migrants, who want the chance to work in the restaurants that sell coffee, would need the special skills that are necessary for making the best coffee. This is to ensure that coffee will always have the best tastes to attract coffee drinkers in the restaurant.

To become a coffee barista, the migrants need to be equipped with some special skills. There are many coffee shops and restaurants all over the world. Baristas should have the ability to make sure that they make the best coffee. To make this possible, the restaurant management will make sure that they provide the best training to baristas which will help them in providing the best coffee services. To blend the best coffee, there is the use of coffeemaker machines that will facilitate in making the best blends of coffee. There are different types of coffee makers that are available and they produce different types of coffee qualities. The baristas should be given advice regarding how the coffee shops or restaurants operate and the nature of customers expected to be served by the baristas.

For the purpose of making the best quality coffee, baristas should be given the guidance and equipped with the skills on how to use the coffee makers in order for them to brew even more quality coffee blends. Machines such as the high end espresso machine, which are very important in making coffee, need special skills to operate them. The baristas should have the necessary skills to enable them to make the best coffee using the coffeemakers which they should be taught by the other baristas in the restaurants that offer coffee services. For the purpose of providing the best baristas should always do their best. Since migrating to foreign countries and settling on a job is never easy, migrants who get to the chance of having the baristas opportunities should make sure that they do their best.

How To Choose Smokers For A Dinner For Migrants

When it comes to organizing a dinner for migrants and refugees, there are many things to consider. Right from understanding their preferences and the difficulties they have been through, it is important to get things right so that they can enjoy their meal and feel at home.

In such a case, it is best to spend time factoring in all the basics to ensure the dinner event is a success. A good idea is to have a variety in the menu so that there is something for all. Right from smoked dishes to baked foods, it is best to offer them a wide menu to choose from.

In order to make smoked dishes, the organizer will need a smoker. A smoker can be purchased after considering a few important things that are as follows.

Number of migrants
First off, make a note of the number of migrants who will be coming over. If there are more than 100, you will need a big smoker or two to three small ones. Make sure you cook in advance so that you can start serving them as soon as they begin to come in Choose the menu based on their preferences and try to include veg and non-veg dishes. If children are invited, have a few child-friendly dishes. Once you have the count, look up versatile smokers that can smoke a large batch at a time.

Before you buy the smokers, measure out the space available. The smokers should fit well within the space and let you move around comfortably. Going for smokers with wheels can help you push them around easily and lock them in place. It is better to opt for one large smoker compared to smaller ones as it will be easier to maintain.

Next up, look at the time each smoker takes to smoke dish. When you plan to feed a big crowd, it will be important to find one that smokes fast. Find out how much time it takes on average to smoke a variety of dish. Test it out before the dinner event to make sure it does as it promises.

It is obvious that you will have to work with a budget so that you buy a good smoker at a good price. Smokers come in different shapes and sizes with each one carrying a different price tag. Have a budget in mind when you go shopping and stick with it Research online an compare the prices. you can also use coupons when you make online purchases.

Type of Smokers
There are many types of smokers available in the market and you can pick one based on personal preference. Infrared and charcoal smokers are two popular varieties and can be used to smoke any kind of dish. Infrared smokers have a slight advantage over charcoal ones, as they do not use charcoal to smoke. They are less messy and can smoke dishes faster They can, however, be a little more expensive compared to charcoal smokers. You can check out the website of SS to know more about the different types of smokers.

Go for energy efficient smokers that let you smoke meals fast to make the migrants’ dinner experience great. They deserve it because they’ve been through a lot.